Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photos from the week ending 4/11

Just some photos from the week ending 4/11:

Cherry Blossoms at Night

6am in Asakusa

What I wanna be when I grow up

False Advertising

Toy tags and graff

Somewhere in Shibuya

No comment. Not touching this one

Huge sandle at Sensoji Temple. Mothra beware

Lantern at the enrance of Sensoji Temple

Breakfast of Champions

Zen Kokoji Temple - The guardians represent "Alpha" and "Omega"

Texas Fight! Even in Tokyo

The only Sushi I've had since I got here. 800 Yen well spent

Protest against the "Thought Police". I'm still trying to figure this one out



  1. nice! i want some sushi now too!

  2. i see you have the natto in your breakfast... did you eat it?? *neba neba*

  3. I actually liked the natto! Just not the smell. It's one of the cash crops from my prefecture so I'm glad I can handle it.

  4. "What I wanna be when I grow up" - That's funny...that's PM Asao (who's known to be an Akiba guy & comic fan.)

    "Protest against the "Thought Police". I'm still trying to figure this one out." - From the look of it, they were either protesting the North Korean missile launch (unlikely) or they're part of the ongoing protests at Hosei Univ. (down the road from there) over academic censorship.

  5. Great Picture of the Cherry Blossoms
    -King T

  6. I would venture to say that they probably don't discriminate against Asian people at that Dennys

  7. Also, there's a rapper named MC HotDog in Taiwan.