Saturday, April 18, 2009


I finally got a home internet connection and am now fully clothed in 100 mbps. No more exhibitionism for me.

But you can't be healthy to miss the net this much, can it? I was literally fidgeting and fiending to connect. I went through blog withdrawal and information underload. What's happening in the world? Who's tweeting what? I NEED to know. I'll take anything I can get. Even Myspace.


My modem finally came in the mail on Thursday but I hadn't reached cyber Nirvana yet; I still had to install some modem/provider-specific software to connect, which was a pain because the software was conveniently written in Japanese. Until now, it hadn't occurred that software in Japan doesn't come with an English option.

I was able to successfully navigate through the install process thanks to standard InstallShield button placement but spent 5 hrs last night trying to configure the software. I was literally guessing at what each button, field, etc meant and then saving and crossing my fingers, hoping It'd magically connect.

It was 5 hrs horribly spent because this morning, a fellow teacher--one who speaks and reads Japanese--came over and put me out of my misery in a fraction of the time. I literally jumped up and shouted "Praise Jesus!" (to his amusement) when I saw the connected-icon-of-joy. Victory! My drug of choice had been reupped.

After he left, I filled up my syringe and took a hit. Finally! The world (wide web) was mine once more. And what did I find?

Not a damned thing.

I immediately came down from my high as reality set in. Sure, I had some unread messages and blogs to read, but there was nothing pressing. The world was still spinning and life had kept moving. The apocalypse didn't come just because I was offline.

I need to go to rehab.


  1. lol! oh ebbie san, you are worse than i am! i am gradually weaning off though erhhhh :)! glad to have you back!

  2. That is the funniest thing I have read today!