Monday, April 27, 2009

Hanami in Hirosaki

In addition to high schools, I also teach(volunteer) at my town's language exchange program for locals wanting to learn English. The age range is from 15 (one of my students) to 70 (an elder who loves language) and the attendees are all nice and friendly.

So friendly, in fact, that one of the guys from the last 2 weeks invited me Hanami in Hirosaki with his family this past weekend to peep the cherry blossoms. I was surprised at the invitation but kindly accepted anyway. I'm glad I did!

The family who kindly invited me. Hirosaki Castle in the background. For some reason the pics look photoshopped

Cherry blossoms along the river

A photoshop job of me in front of Hirosaki Castle

A dope dinner full of food I can't remember but would love to have again

Up close and personal with some cherry blossoms


  1. Food looks great! that's so considerate of your student to invite you! see you have had ample opportunities to nick me some cheery trees :)

  2. sakura viewing sounds fun. i'd love be in japan for that.

  3. Nick some cherry trees? British vernacular?

    And sakura was great. And I was fortunate enough to experience twice: once in Tokyo when I first arrived and then again, this past weekend in Hirosaki

  4. lol. get it right already i am DUTCH! yah, but londoners would say nick, as it to steal, swipe, lift, cop, hook, is that more american vernacular for you :)
    i would like a cherry tree, please mr. teacher man!