Saturday, April 18, 2009

Dear Exhibit, Please Pimp my Ride

Dear Exhibit, please pimp my ride:

This is the car I'll be driving. It's a Nissan Something-Or-Another on 12 inch dubs.

I rather dig it, actually. It's brand new, small, fuel efficient and will get me from point A to B.

Driving on the left hand side will still take some time getting used to, though.


  1. It's so cute! very compact!

  2. Is this the Fit? Or is that a Honda... i forget the names of the nissan cars.

  3. LOL, yeah, "Fit" is by Honda. Whatever it is, we definitely don't have it in the states. It'd be way too small for most people's (with the exception of many a Bay Arean) taste .

  4. Oh Bunmi you're so car savvy. It's really nice they gave you a car, did you have to fill out a lot of paper work to get it?
    -King T

  5. is that the nissan cube? i love the cube!
    - prem

  6. Barely..I occasionally bump my head, lol