Sunday, October 25, 2009

Surprise, we can sing!

Sometimes things just catch you by surprise. Yesterday, during the school culture festival, I was walking near a boy's bathroom when I caught the faint sound of singing. Investigating further, I opened the door to find 5 ninensei (11th grade) members of the baseball team standing in a semi-circle.

They looked up at me, startled, and slightly frightened.

I looked at each of them and then asked "Did I just hear singing in here?"


"Were you singing?"

One of them started grinning.

"Ah! Please, continue! dozo!"

They looked at each other, said some things in Japanese, and then began on what was one of the best acapella performances I have ever heard! They some minor bass, altos, sopranos and the pitcher was even doing a little beat-boxing. They killed it!

As I picked my jaw off the ground and regretted not being able to record it, I was reminded of this Lean on Me moment.

No doubt, I was just as surprised as Morgan Freeman was. But sometimes--especially in cases like these--I really like surprises.

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