Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Onsen Mishaps

nother day, another onsen misadventure.

But whereas last time I was walked in on by 2 little girls, this time I walked in on an older lady.

In my defense, I had been to this onsen before but they switched the rooms' genders in between visits. Had I paid attention to the signs, I would've realized that something was amiss, but instead, I figured my experience was as good an indicator as any. Boy was I wrong.

Fortunately, I didn't see nor show anything. I first went into the (un)dressing room's bathroom and then came out to to see an elderly lady just before she started stripping. Thank God.

We stared at each other, jaws dropped from the shock, for what felt like an eternity before I started profusely apologizing. I swear that hentai was at the tip of her tongue but my confusion must've looked authentic because she regained her composure and then pointed me in the direction of the men's onsen.

Close call.


  1. lol goodness gracious.

    stop frightening/offending people!

    btw, you might want to check the typing in your link...

  2. thanks for the typo head's up. I cant promise I'll stop scaring people but I'll try to limit all acts of offense to non-onsen environments

  3. yo, hope you are still doing well, and you are staying warm. We need more posts!