Monday, June 1, 2009

Jamosa Show in Morioka

This past weekend, a bunch of us Western folk met up in Morioka, Iwate's Capitol. We kicked it in the city (its 300,000 population seems huge in comparison to my town), traded city/school war stories and hit up a show. I didn't know much about the line up but was pleasantly surprised: 4 DJ's, 2 rap groups, 2 3&B groups, 5 dance acts, including one that was half And 1 mix-tape/half hip hop troupe.

One dude, MPG (apparently stands for "Mack, Player, Gangsta") was able to complete the unfortunately difficult task of getting the crowd moving. He also looked like Ice Cube back in his gheri curl days:

Not sure what I was expecting out of this singer, but definitely not that voice

And finally, the headliner, a J-Pop/R&B singer by the name of Jamosa.

Good times


  1. From the looks of it, it seems the wintry weather is gone! cool outing! can;t believe the guy can call himself MPG with a straight face

  2. ayy... that singer in the 2nd video was pretty dope. more talented than jamosa for shure. just not enough engrish in the lyrics or dye in the hair to be as popular i guess. you didnt catch the name did you ?

  3. Sorry for the late response. No idea of the singer's name. I asked her 2ce but she spoke in a really low voice, completely opposite to her singing voice, so I wasn't able to catch it.