Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Comfort Food

I didn't know I needed comfort food till I found it. I enjoy Japanese food but after accidentally stumbling upon one of my all-time favorite restaurants in a neighboring city, I realized there was a part of me that needed consoling.

Thank you KFC for lending a helping hand.

I hadn't felt that content in a while. I wasn't even hungry but after making eye contact with Colonel Sanders on a billboard, I had to stop by. I was in a trance and thankfully, the directions were intelligible enough for a non-Japanese-reading fried chicken lover such as myself to follow.

I momentarilly considered the implications (The only black guy in the entire city...found in a fried chicken joint) but laughed it away. And the cashiers didn't even seem surprised. People are typically taken aback when they see me in that city but the people at KFC acted as if they were expecting me!

Great, because they'll definitely be seeing more of me. A couple of old roommates and I used to make frequent pilgrimages to KFC and I have decided to continue the tradition here. I'll be going once a month, minimum. It's about a 1 hour drive but worth every minute.

Slightly Asian-a-fied Colonel Sanders

Smaller portions but it still hit the spot. Combine that with melon-flavored Fanta soda (left) and you have a deadly combination.

Japan furnishes KFC the way it should be. Like a nice, restaurant; none of that fast-food styled ambiance. KFC, IMO, is gormet food that just happens to come out fast.


  1. melon-flavoured fanta soda sounds pretty cool! I WANT! Can't join in on the KFC love. think i have only ever had it like once( i know shame shame) my parents didn't let us and then when i could think for myself turns out i didn't really want it.... And back in the days they only had KFC in the bigger cities.. not in Leiden..

  2. You don't even wanna know how good melon soda is..

    Sorry you missed out on the joys of KFC in your childhood :(

  3. i went to mcdonalds and haggen daaz at least once a week... thank goodness there was one 5 minutes from my house :)

  4. Do you eat Mickey D's in the states? I forgot about Haagen Daaz! They have an assortment of flavors at my local Lawson and I eat some about once a week too.

    Its interesting watching others eat it with chop sticks though...

  5. melon soda sounds magical.

    don't you love how clean Japan is?

  6. The KFC about 30 mins from my house (I'm living in Thailand nowadays) delivers so I can enjoy my fried chicken without the stares... but as soon as the delivery guy pulls up everyone in the building knows exactly where he's headed!

  7. KFC Delivers!? Oh man, if only they had that here...

    And the cleanliness is nice but the "cost" (no public trash cans, anal recycling, washing cans, etc) can wear a westerner down!

  8. Funny enough the nicest cleanest place I've eaten since I've been here Was McDonalds, It's decked out pretty nicely and they actually pay quite well here too so the people like their job i.e. great service. There is also a Swensen's Ice Cream here and prices here are obviously much cheaper than they are at the original location on Hyde St.