Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Field Trips

I must say, for rural Japan, they sure do have some nice field trips. Back when I was in school, we used to go to the zoo. Every year.

But one of my schools here has sent students to England and Germany, not to mention every major city in Japan.

And 2 weeks ago, the entire school went to see John Neptune perform. It was just before 1st term tests so I think it was meant to calm their nerves. Whatever the reason, it was a great show.


  1. To the zoo? every year? wow!you must know the animal kingdom very well by now ebbie san:)
    such well-behaved kids! i remember my class being a lot rowdier during field trips

  2. i wish i got to go to the zoo every year!
    that must've been what cultivated your love for animals.


  3. lol, you 2 must not realize how boring the zoo can get. Always the zoo. Never anything else. It got played out by 4th grade but I DID like going to Trinity Park for lunch afterwards