Friday, August 14, 2009

I don't make the stereotypes, I only see them

What do many U.S. universities, America's Best Dance Crew and The Debut all have in common? They all push the image that Filipino's are good dancers and love to dance.

It's a generalization I never really paid any mind to until recently. I currently teach some 250 students and offered to teach breaking to all of them. Many wanted to learn but only 2 showed continual interest.

One was a boy who had already been breaking for a while but the other was a half Filipino girl(a large number of men in rural Japan take Filipino and Chinese wives). Of all my students, one of the 2 who was not only interested in breaking, but also a fast learner and very good at breaking, just happened to have Filipino blood running through her veins.

I don't make the stereotypes, I only see them.


  1. haha. Lets see... Remind, Ronnie, Rockadile, pretty much all of Jabbawockeez, Massive Monkees, the list goes on and on....

  2. lol, seriously. Is it the Latin roots?

  3. thanks Russel Peters for the title !