Saturday, May 9, 2009

Makeshift Drum Set

I was about to leave school yesterday when I heard drumming. I knew we had a drum set, practice snares and pads at school but had never seen or heard anyone using them.

Stepping into the room, I found one of my students--a quiet 2nd year girl from an honor class--practicing on the snare. I had seen her playing the xylophone before but didn't know she also played the drums.

We took turns banging away on the snare and drum pad before I got the idea to add more to the arrangement. I first brought over a music stand to serve as a muted high-hat. She didn't know what I was expecting so I demonstrated before handing the drum sticks back to her. Bam! She used the makeshift high hat and snare without a hitch.

Well, if she can handle this, then surely she can deal with more...

And so it went. I'd grow the set using random items from around the room and then, after getting used to the sound, she'd make a beat. A cardboard box acted as a tom-tom. A small tin can worked as a cowbell. Etc..

It was a blast and reminded me of the awesome street drummers who pour their souls into their music on avenues around the world.

I stepped out for a while and came back to find her going off on the real drum set. This quiet 2nd year student can play the drums like this? MAN! If I can find some guitar players at this school, I'm totally going to start a band...

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