Monday, March 16, 2009


After a few weeks of anticipation, I finally got my placement info! I'll be teaching at 2 High Schools in Iwate Prefecture, Japan, a town of about 7,000 people:

I'm pretty stoked that I got a rural area even though I mentioned being indifferent earlier. Japan, like any other country, has urban, suburban and rural areas, and teachers can be placed in any one of them. I told my recruiter that I was open to any location since they all have pros and cons. The more rustic, the easier it'd be to learn the language and culture but more populated areas would definitely have more going on. That's not to say I'd turn down Tokyo or Osaka; that'd be like turning down San Francisco for Arcata, CA.

I'm still working out the details (housing, car, etc) but I was assured I'd be the be the only gaijin, or "non-Japanese", in town. And I suspect I may be the first black person some of the townspeople will have ever seen...

..but more on that later. For now, here are some pics of the Iwate Prefecture:

Mount Iwate:

Iwate Snow Festival:

Iwate Park Pond:

Uba Falls


  1. Iwate Park Pond has my name all over it! uba falls is so beautiful! so lucky ebbie san!

  2. Since you live so close to Hokkaido, I suggest you go there as much as possible and eat the great food there. The seafood is great and they have the best spiny crab!

  3. the place is gorgeous! you will love it. I too have been trying to visit for a minute but havent been there yet. Take lots of pictures so i can live vicariously through you :)

  4. i wish you the best time. one of my girlfriends taught english in japan for a little under two years and had an amazing experience. the pictures look awesome and i am a little jealous ;)

  5. Dang man, that looks dope. I bet you'll also be the first bboy in town. Have an amazing time!

  6. I discovered your blog while searching for English teaching in Japan sites.

    When I first came over I took a job with Interac as well. I still have great memories of my first year as an ALT! You can read about my experiences here:

    We're in need of some active ALT bloggers so I'll be keeping an eye on your site.

    All the best,

  7. Those pictures are gorgeous. I believe you'll you'll have an awesome experience there and be a great teacher. Next time I get to go visit Japan I'll let you know!!